I wanted a hook for the podcast, something that can drive a different type of conversation and provides an initial talking point that isn't me reading through a dubious wikipedia page and asking a series of tired questions.

I settled on the idea of asking each guest what they would like the drink - anything ranging from a specialised Japanese Tea to a single malt from a far flung, peaty part of Scotland, to a boring but perfectly straightforward glass of sparkling water - and share one with them whilst we chat. I strongly suspect some people will choose drinks I dislike, but that's just the cost of doing business and an opportunity for some healthy discovery.  

There's a pun somewhere here about 'breaking the ice', but I won't swing at it...

Obviously in the immediate-term this is going to be a little bit of a logistical challenge with physical interactions curtailed in lock-down, but my assumption is that by the time i've actually got the recording sessions lined up there will be new guidance allowing smaller personal gatherings.