Coinbase's new live view for ETH2 interest is amazing. It's super powerful to see interest accrue in real time.

Live interest view from the Coinbase web UI

It's made me wonder why this isn't a more common feature of TradFi savings platforms, allowing people to see the value of standing pat and watching their wealth grow.

Cynically you could probably argue that most older banks - boasting  financial stacks largely held together with COBOL and duct tape - have a couple of reasons:

1) Legacy system architectures that struggles to emit your balance, let alone stream updates to your phone

2) Absolutely terrible APR that accrue interest at a pace so glacial you would assume a live view is a static number anyway

Either way, it's a shame not to see it used more widely. Financial literacy is hard, determining active savings rates is even harder, and visualising them properly requires you to be a Chartered Accountant with unusual aptitude and a gift for story telling.

At a time when a lot of people are sitting on a glut of savings, it would be nice to show them how their money is working for them in real-time.