I've just finished the Daily UI 100 Day challenge - you get sent an email every week day with a new concept to design against - and I wanted to pull together a top 12 from the list.

The purpose of the challenge isn't to churn out something you love everyday, it's just to encourage design reps. Over the course of the 100 days I definitely got faster in Figma and quicker to compose all the elements needed for the designs, and would like to think that my design eye was sharpened and challenged by the breadth of the output.  I have some obvious design crutches I rely on to help speed things up, but being pushed to churn out a design-a-day really makes you go beyond your favourite fonts / styles / colour schemes.

If you're a real glutton for punishment, the full set of 100 is available here, but without further ado here's my list of favourites:

#002 - Credit Card

#006 - Profile

#015 - On / Off Toggle

#018 - Analytics Chart

#021 - Home Monitoring Dashboard

#024 - Boarding Pass

#032 - Crowdfunding

#054 -  Confirmation

#062 - Workout of the day

#075 - Preorder

#077 - Thank You

#098 - Advert